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    Question oil advice

    hey whats up!! anyway sunday night I am going in tomorow to have some work don on my bike I am thinging of changing the fork oil

    So the qestion is what gradeor type should I have put in I have a 01 929? Please try to respond tonight.

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    Post Fork oil?

    I replaced the oil in my forks last spring and went for Bel Ray #10 weight.It sure is better than the fish oil that the bike came with ...................ken.

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    They've come a long way since the thin and smelly oil they used to use a couple of decades ago. If you've got less than 10 or 15,000 kms on the bike I'd say why bother. And for the much better tuned suspension we enjoy these days you don't really want to change the weight of the oil or your damping will be all wrong.

    Unless you're running the damping adjusters at one limit or the other because of unusual requirements then just leave well enough alone.
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    As Bmatthews states, don't mess with the weights as the cartridge forks won't appreciate it. I believe the idea of changing weights originated with damper rod forks where oil flow is regulated by a fixed size hole in the damper rod. Your front suspension on the other hand has valving to control oil flow which will be sensitive to the weight used- be careful changing the weight as you can throw off the balance that is designed into it. if you feel the need to, just change it with fresh same weight oil; even at 15000km or so, you'll find it quite dirty inside.

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