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    motorcycle lawyers

    I was in an accident about a month ago, got hit by a bloody honda civic turnin left, today icbc finally decided to give me a call back, after endless times leavin messages for them.

    Well thanks to the wonderful expert witness's at the scene, they're pretty sure that at the very least i'll be mostly or even fully liable....

    To this end, I am now tryin to find out if there are any law firms/lawyers that specalize in motorcycle accidents. You know how there's always that american add on two wheel tuesdays, i'm just wonderin if there's anythin like that out here. If you do know pls post back with any suggestions.

    and beaware the honda civic, they're tougher than they look

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    how come they're saying its ur fault? i was in an accident involving a left turning car (me)... and they told me that 95% of the time the person turning left is at fault. just curious...

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    McNeney and McNeney are motorcycle specialists and they are now.
    This sounds pretty retarded, what ICBC is doing to you.

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    the motorclcles that their clients ride are all big red machines.
    Choppers, not sport bikes.
    But give them a try, there good.

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    I tried to dodge, i saw her movin when i entered the intersection, didn't think i could stop, went right, she ended up hittin me on the left side.

    That plus some wonderful witness, oddly all older ladies, one of which was kind enough to come talk to me right after the accident with the advice "see what happens when you run through lights"

    Damn lady i was just inverted 6 feet over the CONCRETE intersection and that's the only bloody thing you could think of to say.

    Thx for the info though, i'll definitly give them a call.

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