Mini rant: if you say you're gonna do something... DO IT!
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Thread: Mini rant: if you say you're gonna do something... DO IT!

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    Mini rant: if you say you're gonna do something... DO IT!

    OK people, if you say you're gonna call someone back with information, CALL THEM BACK!

    It seems like I leave my name and number with people at bike shops with the promise that I will be called back the next day. Lately it seems that *I* have to be the one that calls *them* back. That pisses me off a little.

    Don't make promises that you can't keep. I'd rather be told that I'll get a phone call in *two* days if that's what it's gonna take.

    When you don't call me back as agreed, I don't know what's going on. Is there a problem? Have you lost my number? Am I being ignored!?

    Of course this rant goes beyond motorcycle shops. It goes for most anyone in a business relationship. Or personal relationship for that matter. Aw hell, if you say you'll do something, DO IT! Cuz I heard what you said, and I'm expecting you'll follow through.

    Grrr. End of rant.

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    Oh is that right??? You were supposed to call me 2 days ago and you didn't! Now what the hell is up with that?!?!?

    I know what you mean. I ordered a part a while ago (probably about 5 months ago) from Pacific Yamaha and I'm STILL waiting for their phone call... Reason why I didn't call back is cuz I sold my bike 4 months ago, but that just shows you how good their customer service is...

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    lol. I hear ya Gord.
    In my line of work, I'm lucky to ever get a call back.

    Seems people are always too busy these days to prioritize their responsibilities.

    I'm kind of curious now...
    How many people hang up on answering machines? I love it when they wait to here the whole message and all you get is a 'click' after about two seconds of silence.

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    mutate, nice to see my work is appreciated on the answering machines =)

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