1997 GSX-R750 fairings/headlight (red)
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Thread: 1997 GSX-R750 fairings/headlight (red)

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    1997 GSX-R750 fairings/headlight (red) Kerker Can

    I am selling my crashed body work off. None of this stuff is nice but all of it mounts on the bike and looks all right.

    Upper: no road rash. one of the bottom headlight mounting points is broken off. Headlight still mounts with the other three and looks good. One mounting point broke as well but has been plastic welded back on.

    Left: no road rash. one tab was broken off and re-attached bike had a tipover and the fairing was punctured. Also one hole below signal, barely noticeable. Nice piece.

    Right: Pretty bad, but still funtional. Plenty of road rash and all of the tabs were plastic welded back on-very ugly job along the top.

    Headlight: As with everything else, not perfect. All mounting points to the upper fairing are undamaged but all of the mounting points to the speedo bracket are broken. the upper mounts to the speedo are broken but will still work ok. Plenty of cracks and breaks on the back but you can still put the headlights in and the lens is undamaged.

    Price is $200 for the works, will take partial trade of a stock can(condition not important if functional) or other misc gixxer parts. I am also getting rid of my Kerker slip on (nice loud, rumbly sound) that is scratched from a lowside but works fine as well, just too loud to pass tech at Mission. Would trade that for a stock one.

    Ps: I don't have anything else that I can part with at the moment.

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