Switch in fan circuit
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Thread: Switch in fan circuit

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    Switch in fan circuit

    Has anyone added a switch in parallel with the thermostat in the fan circuit? I ask this because on the commute home my bike always seems to reach the fan-trigger temperature (104C) just as I'm pulling into my parking spot. As a result the fan almost always operates after I've shut off the ignition. I'm concerned about the draw on the battery, as well as parking the bike so hot.

    I'm thinking of putting a switch in so I can force the fan on at about 95C, so that it doesn't get so hot. Any thoughts? Anyone have a circuit diagram for a J-series 6R?

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    When I've parked my bike and the fan is on, it doesnt stay on for very long. I would think it wouldnt be that big a draw on the battery for such a short period of time. Otherwise....ride around the block till the bike cools abit, then park it.

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