new cv shafts , new distributor,new tires,new valve cover gasket,new brakes all the way around .,i put boch plus 4 plugs in it ,i put a cold air intake on it ,its red with a 5 speed.. power sunroof the piant is mint no accidents the intirior is perfect 218,000km.. comes with a cd player i installed a kill switch.. it has absoulutly no rust the thing is one of the nicest ones i have seen around u know without all the custom stuff done.. i have seen and i looked at alot when i was looking to buy one they all have rust or a screwed up intirior but not this one.. anyway i want to buy a bike so im asking 4500 obo well woth it the car needs nothing.... im new at these imports but thats got to be about the right price for this car message me tell me what u think thanks.. i think the g tech i used was screwd up but its a quik car cause i raced my freinds camaro which pulled a 14.2 at mission and i was almost at his bumper at the line so its pretty quik for a honda....will consider partial trade on a bike like a katana or something in the 2500 to 3000 dollar range