I put A new Pipe on and my Tires go Flat
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Thread: I put A new Pipe on and my Tires go Flat

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    Angry I put A new Pipe on and my Tires go Flat

    Roll into my buds house , and not hard on the gas as it is 10:30
    pm and the new pipe is a bit loud !
    But only when ya whack on it.....

    So I sit on his deck and shoot the shit as he just got back from spain .

    I go to leave and the bike seems hard to roll

    I look and see both tires are flat

    I was no more than 30ft from the bike.

    But it was real windy out so I would have not heard the ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssst X2

    My bud has no tire pump and I gata call a tow truck .... $40 later

    And the rear had flat repair in it so it did not reseal .
    So I limped to the Shell just befor the Alex Frazer.

    Put more flat repair in it and stop the leak , once again

    I was sitting there waiting to see if the tire shite worked....

    It did ....

    And I remembered that I forgot to lock the door to my buds van.
    So I boot back to lock it up and to let the nice neighbours hear my new pipe at FULL SONG this time as I leave
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    good work on the rip past the neighbors.
    had my d&d full system put on yesterday.
    working this morninig at 8, warmed up bike at 725am. good thing it is always garaged i guess.
    one of these days i'm gonna change my evil ways, till then i'll just keep ridin' on.

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    If you got that flat repair shite in your tires, get to your shop and get a proper repair or better yet a new tire. That flat repair will turn into marbles inside your tire and can cause handling problems. Also a repaired tire is nowhere near as safe as a new one. http://www.dunlopmotorcycle.com/infocenter_tiretips.asp?id=13#tip

    check this out!

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    temp fix

    the flat repair filler is only a temp fix until you can get the tire plugged properly.
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