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    Canadian Idol

    Has anyone here been watching Canadian Idol on tv? I find the contestants (the top 10 anyways) a lot more "real" and "down to earth" than the contestants on American Idol. I think their skill level is also a notch above most of the American idols.

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    Nice to see Patriotism is still amongst us

    Some of the canadian singers are good....but we're all god's children when it comes right down to it

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    You can't be serious.

    I am ashamed to think that out of the entire country, that group of rejects is the best they could muster. And I speak SOLEY on the matter of vocal talent.

    As someone who spend a few short years working in the music industry (albeit the non-trendy side of it) I *KNOW* I've met at least 25 vocalists I'd consider outstanding artists. I guess they all had something better to do during auditions...

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    Re: Canadian Idol

    If any of these folks, Canadian or American had any real talent they wouldn't be wasting it chasing scraps on cheesy dumbed down T.V. shows.

    Being real here though, according to my cousin Lovena Fox, who won 4 Junos as part of the early 90s R&B group Love N Sas, there is more singing talent on a local volunteer basis just in certain American churches than at any level in Canada.

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    I wanted to try for Canadian Idol before... but I know I'm no where close to being a good singer.

    I did karoake with a guy who tried out and he was pretty good.

    I haven't watched Canadian Idol yet, are there funny ones like the ones on American Idol?

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    I'm with snootworks...
    I know i have heard better singers that most of them, like just around town.

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    Likewise. I was amazed at how poor the singing was in the top 8. Saying that, however, the American Idol judges all said that the caliber of talent in the second season was much higher. Presumably the same might be said for CI.

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    Honestly, I think that the Canadian Idol contestants suck. And the Judges suck too.
    the people in American Idol had more talent
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