Anyone go to Coombs last weekend?
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Thread: Anyone go to Coombs last weekend?

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    Anyone go to Coombs last weekend?

    Last weekend I did my Bungy Jump and Victoria trip. Let me tell you that it is awesome to have a motorbike for the ferrry trips.

    Anyway. Lots of bikes headed to Coombs for AIM (association for injured motorcyclist) I had never heard of this gathering, but they told me it's a weekend of bikes, live music, camping, and partying. Mainly saw cruisers, but they said all bikes are welcome.
    They even said they had some sportbike stunters and bike competitions of some sort.

    I also noticed that there are more women on cruisers (good looking ones too) that are into the party weekends and socials.

    It looked very interesting. Anyone here attend? Hear about it? If I didn't have a room booked in Victoria, I would have check it out. Next year perhaps.
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    i went to ucuelet on saturday and i saw a lot of people at coombs, it was the big summer fair or something. if i would have known there was bike related activities there i might have stopped to check it out.

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