Victoria Pub Crawl Sept. 27
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Thread: Victoria Pub Crawl Sept. 27

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    Victoria Pub Crawl Sept. 27

    We will be throwing another of the infamous "victoria pub crawls" Sat. September 27.

    It will begin around 4 PM and continue on for the rest of the night, and end at a local nightclub. All venues are located in downtown victoria within walking distance of each other.

    Tickets are $20 a head and groups of 10 get the 11th ticket free. It includes access to all venues for the night and a specialty crawl T-shirt. (markers included)

    Each venue will have a "game" for points, and at the final venue prizes will be awarded.

    This is our 9th crawl so a great time is assured (unless you stay sober). This is a great weekend getaway with the boys or girls and a chance to have a good time meeting new people.

    NOTE-If you are coming from the mainland, discounted rates could be avaliable. We are also in negoations with a motel about possible discounted rates for out-of-towners, with a safe place for bikes.

    If you have any questions or would like to order tickets please PM or e-mail me at

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    Oh, Sorry. My name is Matt for all who are intrested.

    We also found an in-expensive hotel with locked, gated parking where all bikes will be safe.

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    I take it you are not planning to ride from bar to bar, getting drunker as you go? Bar after bar bad!

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    No. All venues are within walking distance of each other. Also within 5 mins (walking) of accomidation. So if you suddenly got the urge to leave all your friends and stare at your bike all night instead...

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