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    Trailer towing question?.....

    When me and a buddy were towing his boat a couple months ago,the trailer would tend to weave side to side.Would start a little bit and get worse if he didnt slow down,this is about a 100-110 kph on the highway.

    Does this mean that there was too much tongue weight,or too little?.

    If it helps,the trailer is a single axle towing a 17.5` bowrider I/O.

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    It doesn't have to be related to tongue load at all.

    If one of his tires is low that'll do it..a worn wheel bearing, etc.... several issues can be the cause.

    Did the truck weave from side to side as well? ...if so you guys were drunk

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    Originally posted by rearwheelrider
    Did the truck weave from side to side as well? ...if so you guys were drunk
    Holy crap. That was actually kinda funny. Dude! You're getting less annoying kind of!

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    No your just getting more tolerant

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    It sometimes the trailer would weave so much,it caused the van to move.

    And no,we wern`t drunk.

    I measured the axle and making sure it was perpendicular to the direction of the trailer(not crooked),its ok.Tire pressures are ok.

    Wheel bearings - is a seasonal trailer,meaning that it is only used to haul the boat to Harrison to moor it in the spring and haul it back home in the fall.the hubs seem to have lots of grease.

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    Trailers can only go so fast.
    I've rented a U-Haul trailer and the safe suggested speed is 45mph. The big semis, well you don't see them doing much above speed limit on the highway. Anyhow I wouldn't suggest going much over 100-120. Any higher and my 3000lb trailer would start to (double axle) sway. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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