bad weekend.
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Thread: bad weekend.

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    bad weekend.

    man did i have one fucked up weekend..
    started out cool. nice trip to PG from kamloops..
    visiting my cousins and stuff.. went out quading and ended up rolling a little blaster over backwards at 60 kph.. thats what i get for pulling catwalks down the road... shorts and t shirt, no helmet.. thats a bit of roadrash, spraint wrists etc etc..
    so on sunday i am heading home. gad dam it is hard to ride with a wrist you cant barely move... i was about 20 km north of williams lake... my chain broke, it piled up on the front sprocket, broke the sprocket cover, broke the electronic ignition box, took a chunk out of a carb... had to push the bastard about 10 kms... waited 4 hrs for my old man to pickup me and the bike. got a ride to cachecreek sunday night. got a ride to kamloops in time to work at 6 am this morning... so that was my excitement for the weekend.. cant wait till next......
    2 wheels or 4 wheel drive

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    That'll teach ya ta squid!

    sucks to hear that all that damage happened to your bike.
    that was soooo not neccessary
    as if it couldn't of jsut came off , and that be the problem.

    i guess the plus side is that next weekend won't have to work hard to be better then the last

    Keep yer chin up.

    People who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.
    – Albert Hubbard

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    apparently this is the closest Mars has been to Earth in hundreds of years, the orbits aligned just so.

    lots of whacky bad things happening... damn Mars....

    have to just ride it out.
    one six two seven eight nine

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    Originally posted by rearwheelrider
    That'll teach ya ta squid!
    I was going to post that picture of you wheelieing a quad, wearing no gear, but I think we've seen that enough already.

    As for bad luck..... I figure life is like a big pendulum. When everthing is going really good, be prepared for something really lousy to happen. However, when everything is really lousy...... well... you get the picture.

    Buy a lottery ticket
    Every day I break my previous record of consecutive days still alive.

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    could have been worse, at least u aint hurt....

    though pushing a bike for a long distance is a real pain in the ass, especially heavy bikes, like your kat for example.... you got a good workout though
    BCSB- Moderator

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