Textile Jacket Repair?
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Thread: Textile Jacket Repair?

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    Textile Jacket Repair?

    First off, I wear a Joe Rocket Meteor 4.0 and just crash tested it on Sunday ..probably lowsided at ~40-50 km/hr. I ended up landing on my shoulder and sliding a few feet. My upper body is completely unrashed. So the jacket gets a for crash protection.

    Unfortunatly, I got a some holes and rips on the left sleeve of my jacket. Is this repairable? If so, where?

    Any advice would be appreciated. I guess theres always duct tape.

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    Go ask the guys at Burnaby Kawasaki they have a place that sews and repairs gear for them.

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    Any tailor can fix you up!! Cambie and 40th has a good one. Tried and tested.
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    Yeah, I would say most tailors would do. I got mine's done at "Stitches" on Broadway. There are quite a few places around that does repair on textile jackets. Wonder why? Maybe because we don't live from one of the worlds biggest and greatest skiing arenas? Yee-haa. One minor thing though, When I repaired mine, the lady just patched the the scars up, literaly.

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