Well Hell... Beautiful Weather and NO BIKE.
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Thread: Well Hell... Beautiful Weather and NO BIKE.

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    Unhappy Crash!! Well Hell... Beautiful Weather and NO BIKE.

    I can't believe this...

    I had my bike insured since mid Feb... I was riding in rain, near zero temperatures and all sorts of nasty weather. Since my crash at the end of June, we've had no rain at all... go figure.

    This is what my bike looked like before....
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    This is the bike after I hit the infamous left-turning truck.

    Yes I was damaged too/still. Collapsed lung, torn liver, fractured kidney, fractured rib, torn ligaments in knee, and 2 stitches from the chin strap of my full face helmet.... glad i was wearin' it too, my head left quite the impression on the truck.

    (notice that the left side of the gas tank was crushed a bit... from me holding on for dear life)

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    mirrors.... we don't need no stinkin' mirrors.

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    Where'd this happen in Kelowna?

    <--- born and raised Kelownian and unsure if I want to test the old fogeys driving abilities by bringing my bike to town
    Bike's sold - still have some gear left!

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    Sounds like you were in pretty rough shape. I hear about these left turning vehicle accidents all the time, who is usually found at fault by icbc? the left turning vehicle i assume?
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    Get a headlight modulator girl. Conserve body parts.

    How bad of shape are you in still and what is the long term prognosis???

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    ouch that sucks

    whats taking so long to get back on the road?
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    >It was 1:00pm, lunch time.... clear sunny day. I run with headlights on of course.
    >I was Eastbound on KLO Rd... I just went tru the Gordon/KLO intersection (still eastbound) and thought I was out of the danger zone. My rt hand was hovering over the brake lever while goin' thru my advanced green (green arrow northbound flashing)... just in case a left-hander happens. a bunch of cars were lined up westbound waiting for their light to change green. I was the only vehicle going eastbound as the rest of the traffic were either behind me or were now heading north. There was no reason for me to think that I was going to be cut off. I was controling my lane, left-lane rh lane pos. Just as i was beside the gas station, a truck made a lefty, about 15-20 feet in front of me... I remember i tried an emergency stop.

    >I was apparently consious after the crash, while the ambulance took me to emerg... but I don't remember that part due to shock. I remember waking up in the hospital, wiggling my toes and smiling... Then I smiled more cuz nothin hurt.... the morphine was given to me by epideral... I.V. into the spine.... Sure works that way I'll tell ya. I spent 5 days in ICU (which i thought was a private room till the nurse corrected me)

    >No head Injuries... No spine injuries....doc's said there should be and kept saying they couldn't believe it.
    >Broken rib takes 2-3 months to fully heal. (cause so much pain that even bra's were out of the question for a month and a half)
    >Internal injuries take 3-5mos to heal... depends on the extent and if you needed surgury to stop internal bleeding... i didn't need surgery as i stopped bleeding by day 3. I was not allowed to sit, roll over in bed, get out of bed for 5 days. on Day 8 I was allowed out of bed with a walker because...
    >Torn ACL ligament inside the knee takes 6-8months to heal to the point where it can be determined if i need surgery because it isn't getting better (33% chance) or if it does tighten up on its own then i could go back to work.. I was on crutches for 5-6 weeks. I wear a knee brace 24 hrs a day from ankle to thigh to support my knee (it's been 8 weeks). Tho i go to physio, my leg has lost about 50% of it's muscle mass. I still cannot straighten my leg completely nor bend it much more than 100degrees (my good leg can bend so my heal hits my butt 170deg or so)

    >As far as the RCMP are concerned, a left turning vehicle should not attempt to make a left hand turn unless it is safe to do so... a $95 fine at the scene of the accident.... charges were pending (or so it said on my copy of the police report). Point blank, that's it.... don't turn left unless u know for sure!

    >As far as ICBC is concerned, it is a matter of contributory fault... meaning that if you as a rider did something negligent or foolish, then you could be assigned part fault. (check out bc supreme court cases to read examples in detail) If you are speeding, and the oncomming driver has every right to think your doing the limit... he will miscalculate you estimated time of arrival, hense you contributed to the accident.... it would be argued that if you were going the speed limit, your distance could have been more properly guaged and was probably, based on that calculation safe to turn left... speeder part at fault!
    >Same goes for when your approaching a red light intersection... you see the cross traffic light turn from amber to red, so why slow down for the red that will change green by the time i get there.... be cause the cross traffic in the intersection has the right to complete their if they've already entered the intersection.

    I hope that got everyone's questions... if you have more. just ask.

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    So..... I'm assuming I.C.B.C. found you were not at fault in any way? (I hope)

    That reminds me of a similar experience by someone I know, only she wasn't as lucky. Of course she was travelling a bit faster at the time.

    I hope you heal soon, and your knee is as close to 100% as possible in the future.

    Nice bike. I used to have the same one. Is it repairable?
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