Tips for buying a bike
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Thread: Tips for buying a bike

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    Tips for buying a bike

    Heya guys.

    I'm planning on buying a used bike. I'm looking at older bikes from around '86 to '92. I'm favouring CBR600s, 600cc Kawis. I've also got my eye on an 89 FZR. Do any of you have advice on what to look out for? Like maybe some bikes are prone to break down a lot after a certain amount of KMs. Or maybe you can let me know what would be a fair price for a particular model. And maybe some of you could give me some hints on what to check/test/ask while I'm viewing a bike. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for everything!


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    While personally I found this "Used Bike Buying Guide" a little long and complicated for someone who knows nothing about bikes, you might find it more helpful than I did:
    Bike's sold - still have some gear left!

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