stalling and jerking motion?
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Thread: stalling and jerking motion?

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    stalling and jerking motion?

    I have a 98 zx-6r. I recently changed my exhaust to a Two brothers slip-on.

    After I put on the slip-on i noticed that there was some sputtering coming from my exhaust. I have read a lot of the threads here on how to fix that but haven't had a chance to try any of them yet.

    However, a week later my bike stalled twice while I was riding...just went dead. I just restarted and it was fine. I've also encountered some strange spikes or jerking of the bike while I give it some gas. It always just happens when I give it gas from a dead goes and then all of a sudden it drops for a second and then jerks forward for a split second.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should try to look at to try to remedy this problem? Could it be the spark plugs? fuel line? clean carbs? Could it be related to the sputtering from the exhaust?

    Thanks for your guys input!

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    Get the carbs jetted. Professionally.

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    May I suggest some tuner with a dyno. They'll be able to give you some objective numbers and track the improvement and changes.

    Seat of the pants tuning would be fine, but you've got no definitive numbers to go by.
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    Originally posted by PorscheNut
    Get the carbs jetted. Professionally.
    i agree! get the carbs re-jetted. get a dynojet kit or something. theyre all the same. if u only have a slip on and not the full system then i believe all u will need is a Stage 1 kit.

    I had the similar problem as you, i took it over to BOMAX, he fixed it up and it is a whole lot better. best money ive spent on my bike so far!

    so yeah, get it re-jetted and youll be fine.

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    OK, 1st some facts about bikes, to meat emissions standard all bike come jetted realy lean (to much air not enough fuel) when u through on a slip on or a full system u now let the bike breath better this makes the bike run EVEN leaner. This can cause problems as u have noted, to correct the problem requires some work, if u have done work before on carbs no problem go pick up some shims for your needls jets and start playing, if u havent contact a dealer how knows(Imperial in BBY are good )he will sort out ur problem. Read my thread abouve on the RC51 Hindle system it my help.

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    I'm with the others on the jet kit thing.

    Often just putting on a slip-on will not require rejetting but that lean stumble you are describing sounds like you're is one that needs it.

    And something the rest forgot so far. If you put the jet kit in yourself then be sure to run your idle pilot screws about 1/2 turn open from where they are. This may not be perfect but it'll be a starting point.

    In fact you could open them now and get rid of most of that stumble even with the stock jets. The bike won't be making all the power it can at more open settings but at least that critical off idle area will be decent in traffic.
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    Thanks for all the input.

    So I guess its all related then heh? I was afraid that it was something more serious that was causing the stalling and jerking of the bike.

    Oh I did find a few needle size holes in my main pipe ( if that's what its its called.) the part that connects to my slip-on. Could this cause some of the sputtering problems?

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