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    LINUX help please...

    I am running Mandrake 9.1 and a new ASUS motherboard with integrated sound card. Previously there were no new drivers that would let me have sound when using Linux (I am new to Linux so I have an XP partition as well) but I recently downloaded a new driver from the VIA site that works with my sound card.

    Now how the heck to I install it? I went into Mandrake control center to configure the sound driver, but there is no 'browse' option that allows me to select the directory which I have the new driver. Is there a specific driver directory I have to save the driver to so that when I go to my drivers list the new one will be on there? It gives me the option of picking my own driver, but the one I just got is not in the list.


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    seriously. if the company makes the driver, they damn well better have documentation to go with that. no README? no INSTALL file? or is it just a single piece of source you need to compile?

    $ man insmod
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    was it a binary file, or source? if its binary, just insmod the module..if its source...compile and then insmod

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