Drunk wrote my bike off - what to do?
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Thread: Drunk wrote my bike off - what to do?

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    Drunk wrote my bike off - what to do?

    Some of you may remember my post about how the drunk kid slammed into me.

    Anyway the bike has been in the shop for 4 weeks now. Now ICBC decides to write it off! So I got to ride for 1 week this summer. The rest has been waiting to get my bike back. Now I'm not getting it back.

    I asked the guy if I could buy my bike back with "R" status he said "no, you aren't allowed to do that." I told him that several of my friends were given first dibs before it went to salvage. He said he didn't know how that could happen because they aren't allowed to do that?!? I call bullshit. Anyone know the D-low on this???

    Anyway, failing that... should I wait till winter and snap up an off-season deal or what? Summer's done I have almost zero saddle time under my belt. First time in 7 years without a bike and I'm really itching... but it seems dumb to buy a bike now.


    Also do they payout the sales tax I spend buying it from the dealer? I'm puting through and injury claim, can I also claim loss of enjoyment or SOMETHING??? A month of waiting seems excessive to me. I could have been riding another bike for the last 4 weeks! Just doesn't seem fair to me. I went all the way to Vernon to bring that bike back to Victoria.
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    Bullshit. You, like anyone else can bid on your wreck. It'sno different than an auction. The people on here (myself included) that did get first dibs on the bike were fortunate, sweettalked the adjuster, or negotiated with the adjuster that it would be alot less paperwork if they just sold it back to us.

    Looks like you got a dumbass.

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    You will get a check with the value of your bike plus pst. You will also get a voucher for the gst but you can only use it if you purchase your next bike from a dealership.
    Why would you want to bide on your right off when you can get a new bike? I dont understand this one. Does it work out to being cheaper? But then you have a bike with possible problems down the road ,no?

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    They will give you a " total loss GST entitlement voucher".
    I've had several, you just take it to the dealer and they know what to do, it quick and easy.

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    I've been allowed to bid on my own writeoff before. I had
    a bike with substantial motor work on it, and I didn't want
    it to just drift off to a scrapyard. But I knew the value
    of it and they didn't :-)

    It's usually not worth it. I've also learned the hard way
    to never let ICBC get their sticky mitts on a bike until
    I've had a chance to strip off all the aftermarket farkles
    I've put on it and replace with stock. Trying to get them
    to give fair value on a Muzzy or Ohlins is near impossible.

    Get the towing company to send it to your house/friend's
    garage first, take your stuff, then tell them you've decided
    to file a claim and they can come and get it.

    You did have loss of use coverage, right? It probably won't
    help you, but others can add on for a couple of bucks more
    enough coverage to manage a bike rental for the time they
    sit on their duff figuring things out.

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    summers not over yet!

    p.s. DOWN WITH ICBC!

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    I tried to buy a wrecked car from ICBC (not mine) earlier this year, but was told that I would need a dealer licence to bid.

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    you can only bid on certain cars/bikes. pay your $100 and you can bid on some of them.

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    So the concensus is that I should be paid the value of my bike plus the tax I spent on it? Sounds good to me!

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