Test Pilot Dropped my bike. What do I do?

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  • Get her to pay for and replace every little thing she damaged.

    49 24.14%
  • Get her to pay me out of the decreased value of the bike.

    6 2.96%
  • Get her to buy the bike and make everything easier.

    141 69.46%
  • Be nice, just replace the clutch lever and live with a few extra little scratches.

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Thread: Test Pilot Dropped my bike. What do I do?

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    Angry Test Pilot Dropped my bike. What do I do?

    So here's my story, if you don't feel like reading the whole thing just skip to the last paragraph:

    As some of you may know I have my '92 Kawasaki ZX-6 up for sale in the marketplace on BCSB, I also placed it in the buy and sell published just this last Thursday. I've had quite a bit of interest in the bike just from BCSB, on Saturday morning one of you came to look at it, I even let his brother (an obviously experienced rider) take it for a test ride, and a few others are asking. But also that same Saturday afternoon I had 3 callers from my buy and sell ad, two of them came to look at the bike, one of whom wanted a test ride...

    I spoke to this girl on the phone at about 2:30, she asked some pretty general questions about bikes, and seemed a little unsure about what to look for, I could tell it was her first time buying a bike. She asked me over the phone if it was allright if she took a test ride, I was a little apprehensive since it was her first time, but I thought it would be okay, she had passed her MST, and ridden a few bikes on test rides before, I guessed she knew what she was doing...

    She comes by my place at about 6 or 6:30, I say hello, introduce myself, blah blah blah. I even told her some of the things to look at on a used bike if she was looking at other used ones, like the sprocket teethe, tire wear, cold engine start etc., obviously my bike passed all these simple tests and all that was left was for her to ride it and prove it runs well. She puts on her gear and gets on the seat, she's a tall girl, easily has both feet on the ground, and if she can handle a 750 Katana (which she said she did) then she should be able to handle this sucker. She's taking a long time testing the clutch and throttle, doesn't seem confident. I say to her "Be careful, its a heavy bike and it is poerful, just take it easy, don't go anywhere but around the block. And watch those brakes, they're fresh and pretty grabby, so take it easy." These aren't exact words, but the jist is there. After what seems like forever she finally gets moving off the clutch and takes off up my cul de sac street...

    I'm thinking to myself this isn't a good idea, I should just tell her to hold off and I can show her it rides fine myself. But then I think, what the hell, she's done this before, her car is here for colateral, and she's a responsible person it seems too. I look up the stree to watch her turn around and see my bike getting closer and closer to the ground as she struggles to hold the machine up...of coarse its not gonna happen, but at least it doesn't lay down too hard. F*#K. I just walk up the street, don't even look at her, don't say a word as she's staring at my bike with her hands on her head. I pick it up immediately, there's gasoline and coolant dripping out (is that normal?), a bent clutch lever and some scratches on the engine cover, fairing by the left turn signal, and very small ones on the muffler. In my head I'm going nuts! She says to me at this point, "I guess I'm buying your bike." I'm like, "We'll see, it certainly would be nice at this point, but I'm definately gonna need you to pay for this damage."

    She totally agreed, she felt absolutely terrible, I was just trying not to flip on her about learning to ride a bike. We agreed that I'd get some sort of estimate on the damage and she'd basically pay for it. But its a little more complex I think. The bike already had a few scratches on the right side, very minor just cosmetic, but up until now the left side was beautiful. I have picture proof of its before condition, and I'm not gonna let myself get screwed by all this, but what exactly should I do...

    1. Should I get her to pay for the damages, replace the clutch lever, and get her to pay god knows how much for a scratched engine cover and fairing? 2. Should I let her pay me out for decreasing the value of my bike and making it harder to sell? 3. Should I try and get her to just buy the thing and let her live with the things she's done to it that arn't really worth all the money it would cost to repair it? 4. Or should I be a super nice guy and get her to just replace the clutch lever and I'll go on selling my bike with a few extra scratches than before? (I don't really like the last one, I'm kinda fed up with being nice).

    Thanks for taking the time, and any advice is greatly appreciated. I'll put up some pics later and explain exactly where the damages occured.

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    uh.... uh.... uh..... I guess this is a lesson learned (I hope!!!!)

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    I don't think a few scratches on a 92 zx6 are going to make it worth any less then it allready is ....

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    Make her buy the bike.

    She told you she was a confident rider, and that apprently was bullshit. It might suck to be in her shoes, but she could have avoided this if she was honest.

    Dont bother reparing the damages, get her to buy the bike straight out. then its like you never had this problem...

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    I voted "have her buy the bike" only because when I was selling my bike, my saying was "you break it, you buy it." Simple as that.

    However, people shouldn't be out test riding bikes if they don't know how to ride them! DUH. If you damage someone else's bike, you should either pay to have it fixed (option #2) or in this case, since she was thinking about buying it, perhaps she should buy it and deal with the damage on her own (option #1). Either scenario works, but don't let her get off scott free, thats just not fair to you and you shouldn't have to deal with that.
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    O man that would suck! Well from what you said she seems like a nice person, and I think she should pay for ALL the damages she did to the bike. You were nice (stupid ) enough to let her ride it, its the least she could do to fix what is broken. my $.02

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    If I were you, I would get her to buy the bike. No hassle in taking it to the repair shop or/and looking for parts to do it yourself. (Cost of labour)

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    Get her to buy it. It is NOT unreasonable at all IMHO. I mean she was obviously interested in the bike, the bike sounds like it is in great running shape and was in fine physical condition so she is getting a good used bike. It is not as if you are forcing her to buy a POS because she scratched it up, this way she has a good reliable bike, and she would not have to fix the cosmetic things if it were her bike--especially since it sounds as if it may not be the last time she drops it.

    Just tell her it is a great bike, and that no matter what bike she gets she will probably drop it a few times and that it is part of her learning curve. Advise her not to fix the cosmetics, just replace the lever and then keep riding the bike because that is the only way she will get better.

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    I just test drive a new Z1000 at the dealer yesterday.

    I had to sign the form that basically says that I would have to pay for all damages incurred as a fault of my own.

    However, I voted that she should buy the bike since the cost of repair and hassle to you is not worth it. That is the risk she took and should be willing to deal with the consequences.
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    she should buy it, she will drop it again anyways

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    Think of it this way....
    This chick had 2 minutes.. tops.. on this bike

    She dropped it.. IF she buys another bike. or yours... shes goona dump it again anyways. So just get her to buy it

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    At least she was decent enough to offer to buy your bike. This situation could be a lot worse if she had decided to not be accountable for her actions.

    That said, any of the first three options seem totally reasonable to me. Pick the one that makes the most sense for you, and don't feel guilty for her misfortune...

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    I voted for "make her buy the bike"
    However, she wasn't really honest about being able to ride your bike. Can you trust her to pay you fully and without hassle for your bike?

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    I'm with the organization of the "make her buy the bike" foundation.

    She fucked it, it's down to her...why should you be left to deal with this inconvenience?

    she was lookin for a bike...now she's got one with her personal signature all over it.

    BTW- YOU get an "A+" for "Original thread material"

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    she's the new owner. period.
    one of these days i'm gonna change my evil ways, till then i'll just keep ridin' on.

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