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Thread: where to get tires from

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    where to get tires from

    i need a new rear tire and i was wondering if anyone knew where i'd get the best deal on a tire concidering im pretty broke and school is just around the corner

    the tire i need is the dunlop D208 any help would be appreciated

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    any bike shop will have what you want. go up to links above and goto BC Business's

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    PM me if you want to try Bridgestone or Michelin.

    BTW, I don't do the mounting, just supplying rubber at a good price.
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    Burnaby Kawi just did my D208's... I priced them out around town and they were very competitive and convenient for me!

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    RMS sold me a BT-010 rear for $208 including taxes, so go to Rob with a quote from somebody else and let him have a swing at it (he loves beating another price.). Also Ted at Imperial has great prices as well. And it never hurts to cross-border shop, Chris at Steve Baker Motorsports on the Guide-Meridian north of Bellingham come pretty close to the prices on the web.
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    I've been looking at getting new tires as well, and a fellow BCSB'er down south called around and got me the following quote:

    Dunlop D208 ZR - 120/70 ZR17 (F) - 180/55 ZR17 (R)

    You can get that set from Cycle Gear in Auburn (253-876-9999) for $209.98(US), $227.82 w/tax plus 10.00 mounting. $89.99 front, $119.99 rear. Just a few miles south of Seattle.
    It seems to be a skookum deal. Irishman, if you don't mind, PM me when you do get it and let me know where & how much. Or if anyone knows a local place that can come close to the price let me know.

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    Marbod at Mspeed. Try him, you'll be surprised at the prices.

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    well i went around checking them out and burnaby kawi was the cheapest for they are having a tire sale right now but i ended up just getting the hole plugged up at motorcycle world for 20 bucks

    thanks to the gang at motorcycle world and thanks to everyone else for your help on tires

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