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    Corbin seats

    Okay, after 6000kms and a really cramped and sore butt for the last two days (so sore that i can't walk normally yet!) i've decided that $500 or so would be worth every penny. Does anyone know of a good place to get a Corbin seat for a 2002 ZX6R?

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    AFAIK, all the local dealers will order the seat from the same wholesale/distribution company. So the list price should be the same everywhere.

    I ordered my Corbin from the closest/most convenient shop to me. That made it easiest for me to get it back on the bus. (It came in a pretty big box!)

    Corbin will sell online but only in the US. So the same old story applies. If you have a friend just south of the border, and you don't mind visiting him to pick up a package...

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    I just put a Corbin on my Duck this Spring....Huuuuge improvement. I ordered it through RMS in August for $450 or so, it showed up in December (wrong model), sent it back, re-ordered, the right one showed up in January and they cut me a deal for my troubles....$250.

    Best way to order your seat is directly as far as I am concerned. They only ship to a US address so best to have a buddy in the US who can mail it to you or get a P.O. Box in Blaine or Bellingham......ride down, swap the seat for yoru stock one and pick up teh stock one at a later date in the car for example.

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    I have had my Corbin for a little over a week and it is AWESOME! My butt would get very sore after 20 minutes on the stock seat, yesterday I rode with my buddy during his 4 hour Buell demo-ride and there was no problem. And the seat is not even broken in yet!

    Ordering direct is NOT always the best option, I ordered mine from Kiernan Racing and they were selling them for $30 US under the factory direct price. Plus I got it ahead of schedule, so check with Kevin Kiernan and see what he can do for you.

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