Deep Cove - Sunday August 31st
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Thread: Deep Cove - Sunday August 31st

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    Question Earl's Cove - Sunday August 31st

    Been riding for three years and have yet to ride the roads around Earl's Cove Anyone interested in going this coming Sunday August 31st? I'm not sure how to get there Flowman I know you've led some rides there, could you or anyone that knows tell me how to get there? What ferrys to take etc, much appreciated If we do go maybe some suggestions on where a good meeting place/time is.


    PS - I live in the Marpole area up on Granville & 70th - So can get to said meeting place pretty early
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    I don't remember having to take a ferry to Deep Cove. Just go north on Second Narrows and take the Dollarton Hwy exit. Keep going east and then you will end up in Deep Cove.

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    I think that you meant Earl's Cove...not Deep Cove.

    Deep Cove has some interesting rides as well...but nothing like the sunshine coast. Mt. Seymour's in Deep Cove, that's not a bad ride...the Dollarton Hwy - Mt. Seymour Pkwy loop is a fun rip (if done in the middle of the night)...and Indian River road is good if you like things REALLY tight and twisty.

    Sunshine Coast - how you get there:
    The ferry leaves from Horseshoe Bay (you know where that is, right?) and I think you want to take the Langdale Ferry. I believe that the earliest ferry is at like 7:30am, or definately want to be on the earliest one if you're going on the weekend.
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    Thanks Harps!!

    Yes I meant Earl's cove...thanks for the correction

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    I could be there on Sunday Aaron...
    Be happy to lead the ride on this trip. Pretty familiar with the roads. Just need to take it easy at first... lots of RCMP....
    When we get to the PetroCan 3/4 of the way there... it will be twisties all the way....
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