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    why mom why!

    Now no one laugh because this is a serious matter. This is me as a child i'll never know why my mother bought me this t-shirt but it might explain some of my troubles through the years.
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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    Originally posted by DNAspark99
    THANK YOU, for copy-pasting SPAM into the forums. we needed that, cuz ya know...NO ONE HERE HAS EMAIL SPAM.

    I hope YOU get raped, lil woman!
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    my freinds hacked my acount and are postin shit up on my account

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    Looks like casanova's bitches have struck again.

    better up that dosage i was talkin about to Four junk kickings....*use as prescribed by issuer*

    Message to the bastids that hacked into his account and messed with BCSB ......

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