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    Looking for Insurance info

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for pointers on insurance options.
    Currently have 2 classic bikes (1966 & 1979) I'd like to get insured so I can enjoy the rest of this summer on a bike.

    I've been to the ICBC agent to investigate costs and can't believe how pricey the basic insurance is (never mind the comprehensive). The insurance scheme seems flawed just basing it on CC capacity without taking into account engine configuration (ie single / twin etc) or HP.

    Transferring the bikes to collector plates makes the insurance cheaper but then severely curtails my riding options as I can't legally ride them to or from work which defeats the whole purpose.

    Quote: Your Collector vehicle is driven ONLY for pleasure use and not, at any time, to drive to or from, or part way to or from, work or school. Autoplan - Licensing and Insuring Antique & Collector Vehicles

    I'm looking for suggestions how to best get reasonably priced insurance that will allow me to use my bikes. If I just get the very basic insuranceas legally required through ICBC, are there any other companies supplying the optional insurance for classic bikes ?

    Any sensible suggestions appreciated.


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    try megson fitzpatrick, or coast captial savings, they offer 3rd party insurance such as comprehensive coverage to motorcyclist.

    hopefully bccom wins the battle and gets that 1 plate for all bikes in by 2005 that'll solve your problems.
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