WTB: min Yellow F4i tail,Lft, and front body
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Thread: WTB: min Yellow F4i tail,Lft, and front body

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    WTB: min Yellow F4i tail,Lft, and front body

    Hi, unfortunately, on this day, God hated me and put me in an accident. Anyway, long story short, droped a yellow f4i on the left side. What's worse is its not my bike, so im taking responsibility on fixing it back to mint. So need mint parts. The following is a list of parts i might need, if u have them, pls let me know.

    1) Yellow tail section (cracked it)
    2) Yellow/black left side pannel (scratched it)
    3) Yellow front fairing (Scratched it)
    4) Stock F4i exhaust (Banged it)
    5) brake leaver
    6) Left mirror

    BTW, Im still a student, so i don't have thousands to throw away. Pls give me a fair deal. Thanks all.

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    Got the stock pipe! Still looking for the body work and the other parts. Especially the mint side pannel. Thanks.

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    Does anyone know of anywhere i can go to buy f4i body work for reasonable price in the lower mainland? Shops? Stores? Private? etc. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    If i cannot find any body work, will i be able to repaint the scratched fairings? How much would a job like this usually cost? The damage is on all 3 fairings on the right side. What can i do about the decals if i decided to repaint? Pls provide any insight u might have. Thanks.

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