PIAA bulb..?? for the electricians out there
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Thread: PIAA bulb..?? for the electricians out there

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    PIAA bulb..?? for the electricians out there

    I've recently replaced 1 of my headlight bulbs with a PIAA ion amber crystal bulb(gives off a nice amber hue) which is brighter than stock. Stock is 45/45W and PIAA is 60/55W. The question i have is because I've replaced only 1 light will that cause any imbalance in the electrical system. Is it better to replace both... The bulb is awesome but ain't too cheap either ($45) so if I can get away with only using one.. there's no need to get a second.

    Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nope, unless the total combined wattage draws more current than the loom can handle (reasonable chance of that, btw), having headlights of different wattages isn't likely to be a problem, although it might get you some attention from Vancouver's Finest.


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    Nope, you're only drawing just over an extra amp so I reckon the wiring will cope with that.

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