All Ladies Ride! - 05/11
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Thread: All Ladies Ride! - 05/11

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    Talking All Ladies Ride!

    Hi everybody,
    Just wanted to put the word out there.
    I'm putting an All Ladies Group Ride together for this Saturday, May 11th.
    We'll be meeting at The Chevron Gas Station on the corner of Rupert and E. 1st in East Vancouver at 10:00am

    The more the merrier!

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    sounds like a lot of fun...
    but I dont have a bike yet...
    maybe next time

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    hey Speedy,

    haven't seen you since hiding at ubc that one night too bad your forums went down. Manage to get in some good rides this season?


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    Originally posted by bl1tz

    you can take my bike.... same rules apply though
    Hmmm maybe AFTER my lessons would be a better idea...

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    Hey Whitedragon
    It's all good! I'm sure we'll have lots more!

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    Hi -arai-!!!
    I know...I'm pissed about my message boards!!!
    My Admin guy's taking waaaaaaay to long.
    Must be patient though. I've been out for a few good rips, but none quite as exciting as our lil' group "dash 'n' hide" out at UBC...LOL
    We'll have to do it again real soon!

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    good idea!

    Originally posted by Whitedragon
    Hmmm maybe AFTER my lessons would be a better idea...
    yeah.. me too

    i can't wait - and this sounds great.. but it'll have to wait till i can ride!

    couple more weeks... just a couple more...

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    I wish.
    Quite a few messages snipped for being in the wrong forum (banter vs. constructive ride information). PM me or atomlowe if you have any questions.

    BCSB- Administrator

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    Heh, I was just gonna post this as well for Suzanne and then I noticed that she already had. Here's more info about the ride:

    "This Saturday, May 11th @ 10:00am? WEATHER PERMITING, of course!"

    (Weather is going to be perfect, I've checked the weather network).

    1st meeting spot - 10:00am: Chevron Station @ First Ave & Rupert in East Vancouver

    2nd meeting spot - 10:30am: Carter Motorsports in Coquitlam, in Auto Trader building by "The Bargain Castle"

    If those of you who are out in the Fraser Valley would like to, we could also stop @ The Chevron station at 232 exit in Langley.

    We'll be going to Harrison.

    That was an email from Suzanne, I'M GOING and Michelle my rider buddy on her R6 will be there. C U THERE CHICKIES!!! Oh, and I'll be on my new 2002 R1.
    Jody - R1 GIRL
    R.I.P. Ethan, Bog, Dan, Cody, Ralston and my angel in the sky, Julia - my friends, all of you will be loved and remembered forever

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    I'll be there!!

    The weather should be nice - see you gals tomorrow morning!
    Glad you're not making it toooooooo's going to be a late night tonight

    BCSB - Moderator

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