Sept 4th ride to a beach.
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Thread: Sept 4th ride to a beach.

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    Sept 4th ride to a beach.

    So know that all the kiddes are back in school, the beaches aren't gonna be packed with a bunch of 14 year olds. To bad hey Mos j/k

    Anyone up for a ride on Thursday morning to a beach then stay all day then ride home? I am thinking of a few places. Hope maybe. Buntzen, that man made lake out in mission or somewhere out there. Maybe its langley i can't remember only been there once. Cultus is always good too. Anyother ideas? If someone is intrested in towing a seadoo with there truck then i will bring one.

    Who's up for it?

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    I wouldn't mind coming for a while, lets go to Cultas Lk and do some girl watch'in

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    are we going or what dude............. its already 12:30

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