Witnesses to Crash.
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Thread: Witnesses to Crash.

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    Question Witnesses to Crash.

    This might be a long shot but here it goes:

    I'm looking for witnesses to my bike crash on Sunday, August 17. It would help my case with ICBC greatly if anyone has any information.

    Anyways, the details are as follows:
    I was riding southbound in the right lane on No.5 Rd in Richmond, at 12:45pm when I crashed. I was about 300-500 m from Blundell Rd at that time. I was passing slowly in the right lane, when a beige sedan swerved in from the left lane. I didn't have enough time to brake, and I ended up locking the front wheel and low-siding. The person in the beige sedan took off.

    Unfortuantly, the guy in the beige sedan just took off, and I have no information on his car make, or any information on his plate.

    If you saw anything, or know someone who saw anything, please PM me! I might buy you a beer or something..

    Thanks for reading, and sorry if I repeated any info from previous thread!

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    I've seen some people write a sign asking for witnesses. Post it close to the scene. See what you get?

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