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    is it possible to stoppie an older bike that only has 1 front disc brake? i've been trying it going from about 30-40 k's and press the brake progressively but it's just staying down. i'm helping the bike too by shifting my weight forward...

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    It's certainly goin to be more difficult then one of these new fandangled sportbikes, all them yuppies ride these days.

    it's just goin to be harder for you though.

    you 're gonna have to get up about to 90 k's more then 140 though, and then just grab a fist full of front brake like there's no tomorrow.
    I'm thinkin you should see some results.


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    I'm not an experert and can't do a rolling stoppie, I can just pop the wheel up just before a stop. I like RWR's suggestion for the humor in it but that's not the way to do your FIRST stoppie. Your brakes might not be up to the job but it's worth a try. Get progressive with the brake to load the front tire from about 40-60k, keep your ass a little off the seat and shift a bit of weight forward.. Don't be staring at the speedo when your doing this but by the time you're at about 20k grab A LOT of front brake. The back wheel should pick up just as you're coming to a stop. If you're grabbing all the brake you can with your weight shifted forward and it's still not going up, time to focus on wheelies .

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    squeeze the tank with ur knees...shift weight forward...compress brakes...fairly hard...and as you feel the weight on the back decreasing..kinda use ur body and pull up as you squeeze the tank with ur knees...its like ur tryin to lift em with ur lowerbody...and lean forward...should get some lifting action...
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