CBR600RR ARROW slip-on
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Thread: CBR600RR ARROW slip-on

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    Question CBR600RR ARROW slip-on

    Thinking of putting on an Arrow for my bike but I saw a carbon one on a red 600RR (if you're on the board pls reply) that looked crooked in more than one direction. Anyone else with an Arrow have the same problem with alignment?

    What's the $$ diff in an Arrow to an Akrapovic?

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    i heard they are suppose be crooked because the air flows better... well i think the cost diffrence between a akrapovic and arrow is probably around 100-200 bucks but i'm not hundred percent sure of it

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    I believe I saw the same 600rr with the arrow system. It is slightly bent due to better air flow for a slip-on but if you opted for a full system I would look into the Moriwaki/Arrow/Arata systems (Full Ti of course ).

    Hope this helps, and in my case, Im saving up for a full Arata/Moriwaki TI system.
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