no reg. for 84 interceptor
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Thread: no reg. for 84 interceptor

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    no reg. for 84 interceptor

    I have an '84 750F Interceptor that needs to be safety inspected to get the papers for it. I don't want to be bothered as I have recently bought myself a new bike. It's in pretty good shape. The only thing that I can see that could be a problem is the front tire and a tune up. It comes with four big containers of extra parts which are probably worth more than the bike if sold seperatly. I am asking $800obo.

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    What parts? Can you give a basic description?

    Also, what are we looking at paying to get it inspected and where can it be done?

    EDIT: Why does it need to be inspected? was it a write off?
    Does it run?
    Do all the electrics work?
    When was the oil/etc last changed?
    What condition is it in? Are any of the fairings broken?
    Does it have a stock pipe or an aftermarket one, if so, what type?
    How many kilometres?
    Was it raced (if applicable)?
    Was it stored under cover or on the street?
    What is wrong with the front tire that it would mess up an inspection?

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