Saturday, September 6th - GVRD to Duncan!
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Thread: Saturday, September 6th - GVRD to Duncan!

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    Saturday, September 6th - GVRD to Duncan!

    So, those of us who are heading from the mainland to VFR and NewfieNinja's housewarming party need to figure out where and when we're meeting (or if, for that matter). Since we want to be at Horseshoe Bay at 3PM in order to meet our lovely tour guide spink on the other side at 5PM, who wants to try to get together beforehand to ride there?

    Inkr and I will be at BigJim's place earlier in the day (thanks Jim! You rule), and since I don't know Vancouver very well (yet), meeting somewhere in that area would be great for us...

    If everyone thinks it's best to fend for ourselves until the ferry (I don't know how spread out everyone is), that's ok too.

    Let's decide, though. I need to have solid plans before I pack up my computers Friday night or I'll self-destruct.

    Soooo... one vote for meeting in New West...


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    two votes

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