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    Question Concours riser bars

    I have handle bar risers installed on my Concours that allows the rider to sit almost errect. I would like to try the regular height to see if cornering is better due.

    Does anybody have any experience with this. Does anybody know where I could find a cheap set of the lower hadle bar risers

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    Just remove the risers alltogether and let the stock bars mount back up where they came from. If you're not the original owner then you may need to get some new bolts to replace the longer ones that let you fit the spacers into place.

    It's only about an inch and a half longer reach anyway. It might make some difference that you can feel but it's not going to make you suddenly want to buy a set of fancy one peice race leathers or anything.
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    Thanks. I had not understood that the risers were only a block under the handlebar assembly. A little sturying of the shop manual and the acutal bike cleared that up. I will contact Burnaby Kawasaki to get some shorter bolts to restore the handlebars.

    I am tall at 6' 2" and do not need the risers. I am hoping that the new riding position will restore a better balance for cornering.

    I will wait until I have a bike that is more sport than touring before getting the race leathers

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    Did conversion

    I have now removed the risers. The 4 bolts that clamped the risers against the fork tube are exactly the right length to replace the long bolts that went verticaly through the handlebar plates, riser body and into the fork assembly.

    I will be trying this for awhile. The only problem I have now is the athe plugs at the end of the forks (one to add air pressure and the other a plug are too long. I will have to figure out a way to cover them or replace them with shorter ones. I also have to check why one is a plug. I do not remember any mechanism to equalize the fork pressure. Back to the manual

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