BCCOM Meeting 7:00 Sept 3
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Thread: BCCOM Meeting 7:00 Sept 3

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    BCCOM Meeting 7:00 Sept 3

    The BC Coalition of Motorcyclists September meeting is at the Justice Institute at 8th & McBride in New West. tonight.

    Anybody else attending?

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    The local anti-beany police have been stopped and now you can safely ride around with tuperwear on you're head,

    multi-plate insurance is comming real soon and we like that as long as our union friends at ICBC keep their cushy jobs,

    The drags races made lots of money,

    Lip service will be paid to those nasty loud pipes but no-body really wants to do anythinbg about it because all "real" bikers live out in Chilliwack and everybody knows that loud pipes save lives, right?

    Once again the BC Beemers, langley road riders, coast riders, and a number of other clubs will volunteer to man the baracades for the toy run so we can watch everyone else having fun.

    No word about sport bike west or any other events because there was a conflict of events.

    More bad jokes and out-of date news from Mr. Trivial,

    But on the bright side, Craig is now on the evening shift and won't be talking.

    Wouldn't miss it for the world!

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