alarms how good are they.....
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Thread: alarms how good are they.....

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    alarms how good are they.....

    just got my bike back from imp after a week.
    new ignition,new crazy alarm.
    those with alarms;
    who has installed the led light?
    got some advice that you do not want the led installed?
    tips theives you have an alarm and gives them a head start to disable it?
    Any input?

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    Hmm, that's an interesting one, I guess... how easy ARE alarms to disable? Pretty easy? For the inexperienced thief, a LED would probably discourage them from even trying... but for the experienced thief, then maybe... yeah, it might just tip them off to take precautions when stealing it...

    I just got my alarm... haven't even installed it yet... doesn't have an LED, so I guess I don't have this dilemma.

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