Kelowna on the BURN again
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Thread: Kelowna on the BURN again

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    Kelowna on the BURN again

    Fuck am I sick of this shit ! "Cry Wolf" the fire guy's(water bomber's) were here all last week,and did nothing to put out the spot fires,and now,with the winds picking up AGAIN the fire is just a givin er, and they have evacuated us once again. I took this pic just before sun down,and the ploomb of smoke is a couple of thousand feet into the air.
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    Not again ...Damn it
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    More pix at

    BTW, Kamloops fires have picked up again as well. Sun Peaks Resort on Alert.
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    Sorry to hear that man, especially since I'm planning to move to Kelowna in a year or so. Maybe I'll have to think of somewhere else if this fire bullsh*t doesn't end soon.

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    Shit! Not again?

    Sorry to hear about the second evacuation, Steve.

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    todd regier
    Bf, sux to be out again, if you need some shite moved feel free to give me a call, I'll do whatever I can to help. If you're in the area, stop by the shop sometime.

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    Just unbelievable how dry it's been... driest summer in 50 years, I heard on the radio... man... hope the fires don't take any more homes...

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    another month until the rains hit.... wont be long....
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    Is it getting worse? Cause I was standing at the end of my street and the fire is coming down the hill now it looks like. There is no wind, but they are evac'ing again, and the flames sure look like they are headed this way.
    (Sept 4, 1:00am)

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    Originally posted by CG
    another month until the rains hit.... wont be long....
    yah and also the fact we are running out of water.... FAK!

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    Definetely bad news.
    Is 8 Mile Ranch gone?

    P.s. great picture

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    Whatever people will lend me
    BF sorry to hear that man, hope you and all your belongings are ok

    gotta call my kamloops friends and make sure all is cool
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    Steve... I've got the wieners and I'm coming up!!!!
    Rip shit!

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    I'm sorry to hear you have to leave again.
    I wish you all the best.
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    Steve, I took some video before dark. Very active! Wind is supposed to come up this am. Could be a bad day for us.

    BTW, where are you staying? If you need a place, LMK.


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