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    just wondering if anyone knows any companies that offer one way truck rentals. all i've found is uhaul so far.

    also, anyone know if its ok to tow a rwd car with the rear wheels up, and the car backwards for a long distance? i know the tow trucks do it like that, but i'm just wondering if there are any long term consequences.

    lastly, where can i get a good deal on moving supplies like boxes, those big pads you wrap things in, styrofoam, and straps for the bike? and where can i get tons of newspaper?
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    sold...hopefully a gixxer next year
    u gotta tow a car with the drive wheels off teh ground. its just like normal driving...non-drive wheels just roll along
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    I wouldn't tow a car backwards for any length of time, your front end is set up to go foreword, not backwards and you'll tear the tires off it. and it'll handle like shit..Not to mention you won't have the nessisary lights on the car to be legal, you need red lights at the back not amber....

    Are you renting one of those front wheel dollies with brakes? I think you can get a light bar that bungies onto the towed vehicle

    If you are ,put the front wheels on the dolly and just unbolt the rear of the driveshaft and tie it up and foreword real good (you have to leave the "stub" in the tranny if it's an auto) or all your tranny fluid will leak out........if it's a stick, you can usually unbolt the driveshaft at the front as well and take it right out.

    I'd be tempted to to rent a trailer ,you can back up a trailer (you wont be able to back up a "flat" tow worth shit) , besides it'll give you more room for stuff , and you'll have better brakes too (sounds like your loading the rental truck with stuff)
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    Hey Mladin, where are you moving to?

    btw, I like the picture of John Manley you are using for your avatar!

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    U-Hell. That brings back some pleasant memories.

    We reserved one when we moved down from Fort St John. Well, when moving day came, there were no trucks available because so many had broken down. We were "lucky" enough to be given the option of picking up a smaller truck + trailer in a different town. It was a 200km return trip to get the truck and trailer. Some of the other people who had reserved trucks were simply SOL.

    Boxes--if you're nice to the people at your local grocery store, apple boxes are excellent.

    Hope the move goes well.
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