Buying used: How many KM's is too many KM's
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Thread: Buying used: How many KM's is too many KM's

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    Buying used: How many KM's is too many KM's

    I'm looking to buy a late 90's 600 sportbike. There seem to be some good prices popping up now. My concern is, what kind of mileage is acceptable? Should I shy away from bikes with over 30,000kms? I just spent $$ doing chain/sprockets/brake-pads,etc. on my current bike, and I'd hate to have to shell out a bunch more cash within the first year of owning a newer bike. I guess it all depends on how hard its been ridden, and what kind of maintenance has been done. Anything else? Opinions?

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    30'ks is nothing to worry much about.
    You should be able to see from the condition of the bike, how hard those k's have been put on.

    i always think to myself this when i'm thinkin k's on sportbikes...- 30k's is about half life to be safe...soooooo am i getting this bike for the kinda money i'd be happy to say fuck it if the bike broke down by 60 k's.

    while 30k's really isn't much for mileage.... the bike is no longer by any stretch of the imagination a "spring chicken".

    Having the right owner who put those 30k's on though....the bike can be next to mint.


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    there is a guy on here who just hit 100,000km on his r1 i think.

    i wouldn't worry about km's, more of how it was treated. These engines are quite rock solid, and dont require much maintainence, regular oil changes and replacment of regular wear and tear parts, it should last for a veryyyyy long time.
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    From what I've heard, typical lower mainland mileage is 7000 km / year. That is, if you're gonna base your decision purely on mileage.

    But like the others, I'd weigh the bike's record in more heavily.

    I'd also like to point out that I've noticed that lower mainland riders, for the most part, tend to take care of their shit. And if they haven't, you can tell.
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    I'd be more worried about how the bike has been maintained. A bike that has been ridden more frequently often receives more regular maintenance. Ideally, you find a bike where the chain/sprockets/tires have recently been replaced.

    Whatever the mileage, if you're not confident in the condition of the bike beyond the cosmetics, spend a few $$ to have it inspected at a shop.
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    how much do shop inspections cost anyway? any recommend places?

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    Mine cost in the neighbourhood of 75 bucks at Bomax in Burnaby.

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    Depends on the engine too. Smaller engines need to rev
    higher to manage highway speeds, and usually wear out
    faster. Anything below a 600/750 will have a shorter life,
    especially if it's mostly "highway miles".

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    It depends a lot on how well the motor was maintained.I`ve seen bikes with low k`s that run like a turd and high K bikes that run like a dream.A good idea is to buy a bike that is stone stock.I`d never by a bike with a modified motor,unless it was a lower price and I had a rebuild plan for it anyway.

    A good rule of thumb is when a Rod flys out the bottom of the motor and a Valve gets eaten by a Piston the motor has too many K`s on it.
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