And it dawned upon him....good read for noobs.
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Thread: And it dawned upon him....good read for noobs.

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    Red face And it dawned upon him....good read for noobs.

    I'm sitting here reading about "Orange Mirage" having his accident and for some strange reason, the next thing that pops into my head, is the recollection of what someone said about "BCSB gets on my wick, with the fact that there are so many redundant threads....why do i have to constantly sift amongst RIP threads, and blah blah...." (or words to that effect).

    And then I think.... "With the amount of incidents that occur. Dare we not talk about safety every five minutes? ... Should we risk excluding what is the realization of mortality we feel, when we read a Rider down or Rip thread? .......i lean towards "Ney".

    I've read about a few of you now....Orange mirage included....having mishaps. Many of you i like more so then others, and it really guts me hard when i hear about accidents happening.

    The main reason that's inspired my thread , is that "OM" has now decided to STOP riding!
    He's not the only one that's mind has been this way inclined after an incident.
    That's the worst part! You now have put a limit on yourself....or had one put on you...however you wish to see it.

    I read Nicole's words..... her words about how OM put pride and elbow grease into his bike. Their was a significant amount of pride there.....something wich we all live for.....something that may now very well perish.

    i think that's something we all do. And that's also something i don't ever want to hear about us losing.....losing that loving feeling.

    So.....i'm not a firm believer in the saying "It's too late to make a difference" .....but for those who are set in their mind that they will no longer ride a bike after having an accident, all we have hope for is those who've not yet experienced it and to try and do our part to educate them.

    To those of you guys.... Please ride safe. wear your gear. don't push over your limits. and be your own safety device by practicing caution on the roads

    Life is not so much the important part about's the quality you manage to live it as.

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    Ok what happened to the real Fraser? You damn aliens have taken over his mind and actually made him make sense.

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    the hardest part after a crash is trying to get back onto a bike and not let it BOTHER you at all.... I recently went down at SRP, bike was ok, no damage, but me, i was pretty banged up, super sore, and still sore, but i said "fuck this" and fixed dusted the bike off and got right back out the next day, even though i wasn't 100%, it was something i just had to do.
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    Ahmen CG...the worst is binnin' it and not knowing what caused you to crash in the first place. Total loss of confidence, but you just gotta accept the fact that no matter how much effort you put into avoiding incident sometimes shit happens. I've learned ( the hard way I might add ) not to be concerned with the intangables and concentrate on the aspects I can control.
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    Originally posted by Dekman
    Ok what happened to the real Fraser? You damn aliens have taken over his mind and actually made him make sense.

    Yeah really.
    Work sucks -- let's go riding!

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    I learn the hard way my first day out, that if you push your limits to fast then you’re going to pay. Make a long story short, I wrote my bike off and broke my collarbone.

    I also said I wouldn’t ride again, however six month later I was dieing to ride again, so I got another bike. But still to this day when I hit a sharp corner I’ll some times get that freaked the fuck out feelin, but I still go at it day after day.

    Don’t give up because you’re scared now, just heel and get back on when the time is right. However if you know that you can’t trust yourself on the bike, because you’re a hard rider then you have to make the ultimate choice to ride or not to ride.

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