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    x speed helmets

    any one tried those xspeed helmets at bk,249.00 or something,are they any good?they are snell 2000 and dot,just looking for feedback.thx

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    My GF has a small Xspeed. She isn't complaining for the price. (nice colours + she says it fits well). Not much fogging with the huge front vents..(at least what I could see from turning over my shoulder and looking)

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    I have an Xspeed XF bought it last year, good helmet for the price, already lowsided with it once, just scratched, is a bit of a gun wind I found but the visors are cheap I got a smoked one for $40, they have mirrored etc...for $43....if I had some more money for a helmet I would have stayed with a shoei, though....
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    I just bought two weeks ago and have been riding with it since. It replaced an HJC CL-12. I only have the CL-12 and Shoe RFR to compare it to.

    Very light compared to the HJC. Shoulder checks are noticeably easier and have less wind buffeting. I didn't think that a helmet could reduce wind buffeting but this one has.

    I got the tinted visor and it's very light, both to look into and out of. So light in fact that I don't even need to change up at night if I don't want to.

    Cool quick release mechanism, but quite flimsy. I dropped it on its visor and the mechanisms on both sides just exploded. I had to get another visor, but the rest was replaced for free.

    The shell is nice looking. Nice designs.

    Fit and finish on the inside suck shit. The breath guard is assembled tilted and there is a piece of foam that sticks into my ear unless I really shift the helmet around.

    All in all, I'm really satisfied with the helmet because it's so cheap and light.
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    i have an x-speed and a Shoei and i took the X-speed on my road trip. After two weeks, i don't think i'll ever buy another helmet the costs over $500 unless i've got lots of money to spend because it was great! Not having to worry about it as much as my $650 Shoei takes a lot off my mind too. I just got the all Black x-speed from BK and i've never had a problem with anything. Cheap, just as reliable, snell and Dot approved, cheaper visors, decent graphics if you want them.

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