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    before my short pre trip yesterday , my motor sounded off turns out that two of the cylinders werent firing. i checked the spark plugs and i wasnt to surpirsed but they were charred to a crips. now my question, i wasnt exactly sure how old these are cuz i bought the bike only a few months ago but is this normal for the sparkplugs to be just black and if not then what could be causing it? oil, should i change my gas? any help would be appreciated

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    Your plugs should be a chocolatey brown colour....and dry, not wet.

    If they've gone black it could be due to the fact that they've given up the ghost and weren't firing on their cyls, for however long.

    If the plugs were high milers then it's to no ones surprise that you'd get irregular condition observations upon inspection of the plugs.

    Throw in some new ones, put on a 3 or 4 thou k's and check 'em again for condition...this time around, withyou knowing that you've installed new plugs, you should see that they're a nice dry, light brownish colour.

    i think i've said enough, eh?


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    ahh rwr to the rescue, yeah i figured as much but i was worried bout the rings bein fucked or somethin costly well, thanks gfor the help and off to canadian tire with me

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    Install your new plugs and go out for a ride. Later in the day pull them out and ispect them.

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