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    i am looking at joe rocket because they are the easiest to get here i want something that i can stay cool with in da summer but warm when its like 1 or 2 degrees outside and leather cause i wanna go racing when i get a different bike

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    The speedway jacket has a removable liner for colder days, it's still cold unless you have long sleaves under that. even with the liner out it's still a little hot on some days. Pants are a bit of a pain in the ass for this jacket. Pucks are only on the highside and speedmaster. The speedmaster is the only one with pants availible seperately. They sell in the neighborhood of $500 for just the pants. Shitty deal. It's much better to buy a decent two piece on it's own. I don't know which ones you can get a liner with but I don't think it matters. Get any old suit (non-perforated is better in the rain) and put something on underneath for cold days. The speedmaster suit is very nice but the highside suit is good quality as well. Both are fine for racing. Go with what fits nice.

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