Comparison of budget 600s
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Thread: Comparison of budget 600s

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    Comparison of budget 600s

    Maybe this has been hashed out ()many times?), but I'd like to hear what you have to say about . . . .

    I'm looking to get an end-of-season deal on a used SB in and around the $3k mark. Here's what I've found so far:

    1989 Hurricanes (anywhere from 35k to 70k), decent cosmetics
    1989 Ninja 600s. From pathetic to excellent.
    1991 zx-6. Higher k's, but nice looking.
    Early 90s Katanas.

    I'm 6'3", 210. Want something that is comfy enough for summer commuting and maybe the occasional weekender, but sporty enough to be worth buying.

    Ideas and opinions?

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    all of those bikes will be pretty comfy, especially by today's standards.... best bang for your buck will probably be the 91 zx6e though, the kats are air-cooled and heavy, the hurricane would be good, but hard to come by, especially the original models, and the original ninja600 is ok too, but hard to find parts for.
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    by the sounds of it, if you're thinking of paying around 3k's for anything older then a 93, you're a salesman's dream.

    The Zx-6 is the only bike you've listed that even slightly deserves the respect to be classed amongst the title of "sportbikes".

    I'm sure if you asked the people who made those old bikes, they'd do what they could to deny that ingenuity was ever at such a primative stage of development.

    Save your pennies and get a real sportbike. something newer, something safer, more capable ....blah blah blah.

    If you can save up for bit, my advice to you is to touch nothing under a 96.
    let's not forget we ARE in 03 now....things have come a long way

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    There is a '90 VFR750 in the buy&sell for $3500 and another for $4000; not a 600, but it would be well-suited for what you want a bike to do. A much better bike in terms of build quality than the others you've listed and they run forever.
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    i got a 89 Kat 600 for sale. gimme 1800 bucks and take it away. its not half bad it pulls me around fine. im 210 lbs.
    2 wheels or 4 wheel drive

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