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Thread: Kawi Customer Service? (very long)

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    Kawi Customer Service? (very long)

    I am having a problem with Kawasaki Canada. Having exhausted all other avenues of approach, I have decided to share the details of my experience in hope that someone could offer advice on how to proceed.

    In late July I had noticed a repetitive click or shudder from the front end when I was braking hard. As I was planning to attend a riding school/track day at Stratotech in Edmonton the following week, I took my bike into the local dealer to have him check it out.

    I explained the problem to the service manager, that I suspected the brakes and that I was concerned as I was traveling a considerable distance and spending a significant amount of money to attend this class. He took the bike for a thorough test ride. When he returned he agreed that something was amiss but he did not feel it was a brake issue, but rather something in the steering head/forks. He felt it wasnít serious and that I was good to go for the weekend.

    On the way to Edmonton I was horrified to look in the review to see my bike leaned over on itís kickstand with one of the tied owns flapping in the wind. After pulling over very slowly, I checked the bike expecting that the tie down had become unhooked but I found the handle bar down beside the turn signal. When the bike leaned over the throttle cables had broken the mid panel and taken a gouge out of the upper fairing. The master cylinder had separated from the brake and there was brake fluid everywhere. The clip on portion of the handlebar had snapped in two vertically!

    We phoned 15 dealers in BC and Alberta but could not find a replacement. I was extremely fortunate that one of the individuals participating at Stratotech offered to let me use his bike for the weekend. (Thanks again, Robert!)

    After an amazing weekend I brought my bike straight back to the dealership with out even taking it off the trailer. I explained the incident to the service manager, who agreed that we had discovered the source of the noise. Upon close examination of the broken pieces, it is evident that the clip on had been cracked for some time. The bottom half of the break is polished and somewhat smooth from the two sides of the cracked clip on rubbing together. The service manager kept one half of the clip on said he would file the claim and get back to me. This was Aug. 6th.

    On Aug.11, I called the dealer to follow up on my claim. He said Kawasaki wanted detailed micro-pics of both pieces. He took the pics and sent them off to Kawi. I followed up again 15th and was told I had to bring my bike in as Kawasaki wanted the broken parts shipped to them for evaluation. So I brought the bike down and they took it apart and sent the pieces in.

    On Aug. 20th I called for a progress report, Service manager says he hasnít heard anything but that he will call in to see what was happening. I call again on Aug. 22 and was told that as this was a safety related claim it could take some time to settle. I told the dealer that it had been over two weeks and that I was not happy with the situation. I was told that the dealer had expressed my dis-satisfaction to Kawasaki and he was told that I am free to fix the bike at my own expense if I wanted the use of it that badly!
    At this point I decided to talk to Kawasaki myself. I called Kawasaki Customer Service and told the representative my situation. She told me that she would take my name, locate my file and phone me back to discuss my concerns. She didnít. I waited until the 26th and called again. I was told that, unfortunately, safety related issues take a long time to resolve and that I would have to be patient. I said I had been as patient as I was prepared to be and wanted to know what, exactly was being done. The service rep told me that Kawasaki was simply looking out for my best interests. I reminded her that I had paid for a product, that the product had failed under warranty and I expected Kawasaki to do everything in itís power to get me back on the road as soon as possible. I was upset that I was missing valuable riding time during an already too short season. I was then asked if I owned a car, when I said yes, she said that I was not being inconvenienced, as the bike was not my sole means of transportation! WTF? I was also told; again, that there was nothing stopping me from fixing my bike at my own expense, if I needed it repaired that badly.

    At this point I lost it, I admit my temper got the better of me and I vented on the service rep. Once I had calmed down, she said she sympathized with me and would find out what, exactly was being done and that if I wished she would call me every day with an update. I said that was not acceptable and that I wanted to speak to her supervisor. I was told that her supervisor was aware of the situation and that I did not need to speak to him. She would not give me his name or phone number. She stated again, that she would call me in 10 mins. With and update and would call with a report every day if that would help.

    Well, she didnít call back; I received no contact until this morning, when I phoned her again. She said she was sorry, but as she had no news so did not think there was anything to report. She then said that this was going to be along process and that she was sure I would understand. I was told one more time that this was going to take a while and that was that.

    I feel that this is an unacceptable situation. The dealer sympathizes but canít help any further. It has been exactly one month and they still will not tell me wheather they intend to honor the warrany or not. I am being stonewalled at customer service and am unable to locate the next idiot up the ladder.

    I am pissed off. I am paying for a bike and insurance that I can not use. The dealers estimate for repair is between 2 and 2.5k. If I fix it myself will I get reimbursed? (customer service wasn't sure) What's should I do next? Ideas?

    BTW, before I get replies insinuating that this was caused by the tie downs, I want to point out that the part cracked from the bottom up, the handle bar is not bent and I had at least 1 ĹĒ of travel after I had snugged it up.

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    Go back to your dealer. They are legally responsible for fulfilling the terms of the warranty. Getting reimbursed for the warranty expenses by Kawasaki is their problem, NOT yours.

    If they tell you there is nothing they can do, tell them to cut the crap and fix your bike.

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    I've read your post, and i totally feel for you. Maybe you can ask a sales rep at the same dealership about how strongly he feels about the product he sells, then when he brings up the warrenty, ask him if it is written and does kawasaki honour it. Also see what the dealership's policy is, whether the "stand behind Kawasaki" then ask for a manager/ maybe even owner to address the problem which is clearly in writting. You already have gotten kawasaki to recognize that it is a safety issue.

    I am not experienced with warrenty claims, but thats what i would try. good luck

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    nothing to add, just wanted to say SHITTY!

    best of luck buddy.
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    Man, I'd be plenty pissed too.

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    wow, that sucks

    i know the feeling, i was treated by ICBC the same way back when my bike was stolen
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    Take LOTS of pictures, get a used clip-on and ride it the way that it is. There'll probably be more hassle if there is a few thousand dollars to refund rather than them sending the parts to the dealership to get the bike fixed.

    The Kawi sales rep might be a good person to talk to. My experience with warranty claims in my work is that the customer service reps often can't do much to help but say sorry to irrate customers. The sales reps seem to do a much better job with getting a problem solved fast. Ask your shop (they probably know you by name now) to get a hold of the Kawi sales rep and explain the situation, or give you his number.

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    Tracy is on the right track but I would try another dealer as well.
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    Tell you what I am a service rep I deal with erate ppl all day long who are pissed off and keep calling.. It can be an stressfull job for alot of ppl I know. You have to shrug it off or you can't handle the stress 8 hrs in day after day of ppl why isn't this wokring why isn't that. Most ppl I deal with their crap fix their problem and the last thing I want to hear is their life story. Call give me problem I will fix then get the hell out of my face...

    If only I could spk my mind heh I would get fired in one day however bec I do this line of work I know how the system works it's like the one guy said there's 2 ways to approch this the nice man way which will get you somewhere if you get someone like myself who know what the hell they are doing.. However there is alot of reps who are just complete idiots. Tricks you can try first start by be'ing informed of your rights.. And make up shit if you need to like law codes and crap like that.. You think these ppl know if you telling the truth or not.. MOST of these resp get paid low wages..

    Start the call by introducing yourself then ask the first name and last Iniatial of the rep you are speaking with (some will give last names most won't) 2nd they have to give you supervisers first name if they wont give you their name.. ask for employee id #'s and then after you have opened the call then. Ask for THEIR permision for legal purposes to record the phone call. ( Don't know law system well enough if it is immis. into court or not however who cares they don't know either..) at this time they just went into super cover their ass get the job done right kinda mode..

    If they say they will call you back get time they will call you back (but don't let them do that routine on you never works they never call,,, as you already have found out.) If they can't get you answers sometimes there are certain guidelines you have to do when asking for their supervisor like you have to ask a certain amount of time or if you state you are taking legal action then you get trs auto to sup's that kind of thing.. So when you ask for a supervisor.

    Make it short and simple ( I want you supervisor now to resovle this you can't so I want you supervisor plz. Then if they state he is aware of it gr8 to know that,, I want to speak with him ( sometimes you have to ask 3 times b4 a trs to him. )

    Also 2nd to this learn some things important like when you went into the (AUTHORIZED dealership and he did the exam on your bike and said yeah should be good at that point you should have had him sign a piece of paper. after that if I was going down the street and my clipon broke and I crashed my bike end of story they would have been liable because you had it inspected and you would be rolling in seattlement cash right now most likly.. (if you crashed of course..

    My brother had a manufatures defect kind of problem with his tire.. Mostly cosmetic however...

    Bec the mold the tire sits in was not properly cleaned out so extra parts of rubber were on the tire and it was ripping off and pulling good chunks of rubber off with it..and after it was checked up the dealership they said it was fine not to worry about it and were giving me some story about another guy who had a problem like this onec and it took like 5 months to get the tire replaced.

    Once I said to him I want him to sign off the tire has been inspected by a registered dealer of that brand of tire.. If something does happen and it pops and my brother crashes they would be liable because they inspected it. They got really defesnive at that point and were trying to work out some special deal on some other tire they had laying around..

    Hell with that I want replacement so after phoning to the manuf. of the tire they stated to bring it into another dealership I did and in 1 minute flat of the guy took a quick peek at the tire he said come in on monday we will have a new tire for you at not cost of course.. So it's not always the company as it is the dealership in this case too..

    Since that time thou I have mostly good dealings with that first dealership thou.. I am not going to say what dealership becuase I think for the most part it was some error in judgment or this is just one of those freak places even since that time they treat me quite nice now.. Good luck on your struggle and if you need any help I have no problems in getting stuff done by the phone.. Hell now with all the experience I have on the phone from CSR work I can really bait good deals on cable/phone/anything done thru the phone most of the time
    If you can find out a companies guidelines you can work the system instead and out to your advantage..

    Oh one last thing I wanted to post I just found out this one yesterday when you do online backing and check balances on your bank acct's they count that as a transaction at most banks. Just wanted to post that bec. It pisses me off and most ppl don't know that. ( or mabye it's just me that didn't know)

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    Yikes, what if your bike had fallen to pieces while you were riding hard on the track? You could be dead. It's amazing that they fail to realize the gravity of the situation. Don't know what you could do, but good luck.

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    Where did you buy your bike that your getting this much of a freaking hassle from them!?! I have the extended warranty on my bike for 3 years.....I was told that if anything goes wrong with the bike it gets fixed....anywhere in Canada I believe.

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    I think I was unclear in my original post. The customer service rep I am speaking of does not work for the dealer, she is in Quebec. I am getting this shit straight form Kawasaki Canada.

    The dealer has done everything I and Kawasaki Canada have asked of them and it is now out of their hands. They are just storing my bike waiting for direction from Kawasaki.

    Scott, I also bought the extended warranty. Actually, the fact that Kawasaki is the only manufacturer to offer it's own extended warranty was a big factor in my decision to purchase this bike. My current situation is exactly what I was trying to avaoid. I thought at the time that the manufacturer would be more likely to stand behind their product than a third party. At this point I am asking for the balance of my money back. (I am only just into the extended portion and this claim started on the reg warranty.) It is obviously not worth the paper it is written on.

    Thanks for all the input. Someone suggested the BBB, I had not thought of that and will be on it first thing Monday morning.

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    Originally posted by Geo

    Thanks for all the input. Someone suggested the BBB, I had not thought of that and will be on it first thing Monday morning.
    You're into some serious liability issues here, and if they
    haven't got their legal dept involved, at least behind the
    scenes, something's really wrong. Maybe their corp.
    lawyer's on vacation or something.

    The time has come for you to write a very polite letter,
    telling them that you've waited a reasonable amount
    of time for a settlement, haven't received satisfaction,
    and want the following, asap:

    Bike fixed.

    Note that you are willing to waive additional
    compensation for loss of use, nervousness about
    riding a Kawasaki, refund of a warranty that isn't
    supported. Tell them that if you do not received acceptance
    of this offer by a certain date, you will be retaining the
    services of a lawyer you have been consulting with
    and taking appropriate action, and the previous offer
    will be null and void.

    They do NOT want this. They know a lawyer/small
    claims will nail them
    to the wall, and every day they delay, the worse it gets.
    They also know they'll loose, and it will cost them far, far
    more than just fixing the damn thing and getting you
    to sign a settlement saying you weren't hurt.
    Heck, just retaining a BC lawyer will cost them more
    than fixing it.

    Free advice, worth what you paid for it, yadda yadda....

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    Keep calling Kawasaki until you get to someone higher up. Don't take no for an answer. My mom went through something very similiar with Honda about 4 months ago. They gave her the total run around and the brush off like your getting. Be persistent and don't settle for anything less then the answer you want to hear. I know in her case it took a little bit but eventually she got in touch with someone who actually could do something about it and fixed the problem.

    Good luck with it.

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