Guess I'll be working safety on the 8th
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Thread: Guess I'll be working safety on the 8th

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    Guess I'll be working safety on the 8th

    Monday the 8th is out for me now. I unloaded my bike from our Spokane trip and found a trail of oil on the truck bed. Seems that my known weak fork seal bit the dust on the trip back from being cinched down for so long. Oil all down the leg. Missed the brake shoes thankfully. It's been leaving a little moisture on the fork leg for some time but it didn't amount to more than a smear on a paper towel so I was planning on leaving it for the winter. Oh well. I guess October is close enough....

    Anyway with other things to do this weekend and parts to order in any event I'm left bikeless for Monday. Oh well, I was only going to run the morning and work the afternoon in any event.

    I'll be there with bells on in October for the 3 day extravaganza.

    Jetshoes, I'm your's to do what you will for the whole day on Monday. See you in the morning.

    I think I've got JUST enough tires left for the triple. They'll be toast for sure after that though.
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    The October triple is now just a double, Saturday practice, Sunday race. So your tires have to last one less day now

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