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    How long?

    Any idea roughly how long it is for a ride to manning park and back. I've got abought 4 1/2 hours for a ride and want to get out. If it's longer any other suggestions.

    Unfortunately they're Ninja 250 and 500 newbie and relatively newbie bikes so irealize if we were doin 200 the whole way we'd make it but tthat's not an option.

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    Do the Merrit loop as far as you can and turn back when you reach bingo time (the 1/2 time distance). It's nice all the way. You can start via hwy 7 out to Harrison. Watch for cops on 7 through Agassiz area.


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    We did the Manning Park trip a few weeks ago but we then pushed on to Princeton and then returned to Vancouver. If your running a really casual ride it may be a push to do in 4.5 hours. As Crotchy said watch the clock and turn around near your 2.25 hour mark.

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