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Thread: getting ready for storage

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    getting ready for storage

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to say that this site has taught me a great deal about my passion of riding - Thanks!!

    This is going to be my first winter with my bike and I wanted to ask the gurus out there what I have to do to get my bike prepped for storage.

    I've heard about the gumming of the carbs and other fuel system plugs. Just want to make sure I don't do something stupid and pay for it next riding season.

    I have a 2001 R1 and I've gone through the manual and will proceed with the teaspoon of oil in each cylinder to prevent rusting. I'll be storing the bike in my garage with entire bike supported and off the floor.

    Should I get all the fuel out of the tank?

    Is there a simple way of getting the fuel already in the carbs out without taking the whole thing apart?

    Should I increase the tire pressure while it is stored over the winter - it will be on a full set of stands and off the floor?

    Thanks for any help you can give me

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    I say the best way is to bring it to BK or RMS and have them store it for you... a lot easier that way...

    It's about the same price as buying storage insurance for your bike.

    As for gas, I was told to keep it rather topped. Keeping it filled leaves less room for condensation inside the tank. It all depends on climate control of your storage area.
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    so its best to get pros store it for u?

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    so how much does it cost to store @ bk/rms?

    and what happens if for example it got stolen/vandalized while in storage there?

    any other shops that do this?

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    At BK their insurance covers it...they change the oil, put a stabilizer in the fuel, maintain the battery, etc. It is about $350 for 6 months, the flyer for this winter comes out next week...I got a quote for comprehensive (theft/fire) from ICBC for $522/1 year, last year it was only about $250 (as far as I can remember)! It is hoisted to the second floor so it is unlikey is will be vandalized or stolen.

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    Storage? STORAGE!?!? There's many more fine miles to go before you can be thinking about storage. The BK deal is the best since you get insurance, storage and service for the same price as insurance only at home.

    BTW, what the hell are carbs? (Ha ha ha ha, sorry Kawie riders)
    What was it all about?

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    If your keeping it in a warmed garage (or an area that doesn't hit the freezing mark) than you don't really have to do much at all.

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    No not yet must not think about it until after the oyster run at least! It's only sept 7 th.
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