My little sister needs ideas for revenge...
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Thread: My little sister needs ideas for revenge...

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    Angel Girl

    My little sister needs ideas for revenge...

    Okay, here's the story...

    I've been racking my brain for my little sister to seek revenge on her classmates. She goes to a private school (same one I went to) and treat her like total crap. She's graduating this year, and all the students have parties without her. She's the only one who doesn't get invited to any of the parties.

    It's a long story as to why this happens, it happened to me too. The school my parents sent us to is affiliated with a church under the same religion (cult). Anyways, somehow all these kids in the school are in the 'in' crowd, because they do everything according to the fucked up rules they've set for the students. (rules like, girls can't cut their hair, must wear dresses at all times, no friends outside the church or school, no make-up, no music, no tv, must marry someone from the church... the list goes on.

    Anyways, they treat her like crap, because she doesn't abide by all the rules. She gets bullied to no end, teachers won't do anything about it, she cries to me all the time. I feel so bad for her, because I've been there too, I went through the same shit. Of course I got out of it when I was 16, and moved FAR away from it all. But I want to help my sister out so she doesn't have to deal with the hell I had to deal with.

    Any ideas?? What would you do if all your classmates picked on you and never included you at school. Ideas on how to crash a party? Maybe all of us BCSB'ers could get together for my sister and show up with her on our bikes and scare the crap out of them all... I dunno.... Anyone??

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    Hey Angie Girl
    I went to one of those private schools too. I'm down with a drive to scare those lil private school kids. As for ideas for vengeance i can't help you out with that. i think your sis just needs a bit o' time finding her niche and then she'll fall into her own. Throwin her own party, getting into a club/sport team shes interested in, ionno vengeance might have a backlash effect 'specially if it borders legality muahahaha
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    Okay, I'm gonna sound like an a$$hole, but whatever, this is my opinion. What the h*ll is she doing at that school in the first place?!?!?! If she has tried to fix this problem in the past (ie. teachers not doing anything about it), why did she stay? I didn't get picked on at school (not that I can remember anyway), I was part of the 'in' crowd. That being said, when I did see people teasing other people for whatever reasons, when I could, I'd pull those people aside and give them sh*t.

    For her to scheme a 'payback' is pointless, childish, and just plain stupid. What good is it going to do her? Sure she might feel better for a while, but really, it doesn't solve anything. And crashing a party? What's she gonna do when she gets there? There are many things that should have been done before this all started. Sorry to say this, but tough sh*t. You have to play the cards you're dealt. She played a sh*tty hand.

    As far as scaring the other kids, yeah, I'm all up for that. I see a kid teasing another about something stupid, I'll smack them upside the head (not really), I'd probably just burn em.

    Regarding your question on what the rest of us would do, personally, I'd fix the problem. What's the big deal? Does she cut her hair? Does she wear makeup? If she's permitted to do it, who cares, tell her to do what she wants. If it's against the actual 'school policies', then she shouldn't do it right? If she doesn't like it, get the f*ck out.

    On a closing note: This is my opinion, for all of those who read this, and don't agree with me, don't get your panties all up in a twist. I wouldn't deal with this sh*t.

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    Tell her to read/watch Steven King's " Carrie "
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    Were you two forced to go to that school? Easiest way to have avoided all that would probably have been to go somewhere else... but I guess that isn't an option now... but... wow, that place sure sounds like they run a tight ship... such strict rules still exist here? Welps, even if somehow you could scare all the bullies, your sister isn't going to be included in their cliques... but I guess that's not the main concern right now...

    Don't know what to recommend.

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    send over RWR he would scare the shit out of anything.....
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    If she is graduating this year what does it matter? Why would she even want to be included in a group like that anyways? Last people I'd want to hang with in highschool is the bullies.

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    Tell her to get all her classmates to sign up for BCSB, and then force them to read the funnies.


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    bottle up all that anger, and save it for another day.
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    Tell her the best revenge is knowing these "in" students will likely marry someone from inside the church (cult) have kids, and make them endure the same shit she's going through right now....

    Doesn't sound like the parties would be much fun anyways, does it?
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    Actually I know the story as well and if you really knew the situation or had been brought up like that you dont have a choice of what school you go to, and if you dont like your human rights being abused by the school TOO BAD!! Unfortunately some people dont have a choice in whats going on and they have nothing they can do to change the situation that they have been Dealt. This situation and lifestyle sucks no matter which way you look at it. There have been some good points brought up here like the post by 3 of 7 and a really stupid comment by samps that if you dont like it get the f*ck out do you really expect a 16 year old girl to leave school and be disowned by her parents? And no my panties are not in a knot ( i dont wear any ). This situation sucks.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    DNA will fuck his way out of that private school...eheheh....colateral damage...
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    take that anger & discontentment and go do something positive about it.

    go to school and work harder. go to the gym and push harder. get a good job and amazing family and friends. make a name for yourself and then laugh at those fckers who will probably *WANT* to be your friend later on... or better, you become their supervisor in the workforce.

    we're suppose to live for around 70 years. lulling over six years of adolescent life is stupid. getting them pissed off is stupid and there's no real gratification over it. boo fcking hoo.

    making a name for yourself and having them envious of you is 1000 times more gratifying. be adult about it.

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