Sopranos Season 5
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Thread: Sopranos Season 5

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    Sopranos Season 5

    Dunno if you guys are Sopranos fans but ...

    Anybody knows when it's gonna start again?
    I couldn't find anything on the HBO site.

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    Heard something about it today on mojo. There filming it right now, they said the break between season 3 and 4 was 18 months and that the break between seasons 4 and 5 is going to be even longer. Sorry I can't give a better answer then that

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    Tony Soprano (Gandolfini) was holding out for more money. If filming has started he must have received his raise.
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    he got his raise....

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    He probably deserved it, I am sure that HBO has made a TON of money on that show. Funny thing though, Gandolfini would be nothing without that show. It's one of my favorites.

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